Expand your view with smart windows

Windows beyond ordinary

Miru’s smart windows, sometimes referred to as eWindows or dynamic windows, dynamically change the tint of glass at the push of a button. Utilizing electrochromic glass technology, these smart windows allow you to customize your environment for comfort while reducing your carbon footprint.

Dynamic smart windows

Miru’s electrochromic windows for smart buildings provide a healthier connection to the outdoors while reducing emissions and climate control costs. Miru’s windows block unwanted UV rays, manage privacy, and control building temperature with automated tinting. Smart electrochromic windows are proven to save building related carbon emissions by up to 20%. By regulating interior temperature in both cold and warm climates, smart windows reduce peak heating and cooling loads by up to 25%. Miru electrochromic windows for automobiles effectively control cabin interior temperatures, increase passenger comfort, and extend electric vehicle driving range by 10%.

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