About Miru

Our mission

Enhance the wellbeing of people and our planet




Our vision

Deploy 10 million sqft of smart windows by 2028

Our values

Quality. Elegance. Innovation. Collaboration. Execution.

Our story

We are a team of designers and engineers building the next generation of energy-efficient windows. At Miru, we are driven to create technology that actually reduces CO2 emissions, and not just claims to do so.  

We imagine a world where we have windows without blinds that block our pleasant views, so that you can stay connected to your community, and the world around you.

Leadership team


CEO & Co-Founder

Leader of one of the largest academic programs in the world. A pioneer of clean energy technologies and autonomous laboratories, his work on solar cell, carbon capture and utilisation, and clean chemicals production earned him a spot as the youngest inductee into the Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.



A highly successful global semiconductor executive with a 30-year history of setting and achieving clear goals, driving complex product and commercial strategies, and delivering positive financial results at an international scale. He brings particular expertise to the design and build of semiconductor and wet deposition fabrication lines for consumer electronics and smart windows.


VP Sales

Glass industry executive who has been at the forefront of promoting innovative glass and window technologies. As the founding CEO of Halio International, he successfully introduced smart windows to the non-residential and residential building segments in Europe and Asia.


VP Commercialization

Experienced startup company executive that has helped grow several companies from the laboratory, through the pilot stage, to successful commercial production. With a background in Chemical and Materials Science Engineering, he has a proven track record of cost-effectively scaling up materials and electronics technologies across various sectors.


VP Product

Expert in leading $500M+ infrastructure and building projects, from planning through build and commissioning. With her expertise in building sustainable facilities, she is leading the seamless implementation of the Miru manufacturing process for Miru manufacturing partners.


VP Technology

A pioneer of thin film and electrochemical systems designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. She has a proven history of growing and leading large technical teams that solve ambitious goals, and is overseeing the development of Miru smart window products.

Miru's advanced technology allows for automatic adjustment of natural light and solar heat gain, providing a comfortable and energy efficient environment.


At Miru, we consider sustainability at every step - from our materials, to our operations, and in our manufacturing process - to minimize energy use and lessen our impact on the environment. Scaling electrochromic windows faster than ever before, we continue to improve our product and increase our output sustainably everyday.


We believe that significant changes are coming in the building industry. Windows of the future will be dynamic. The question is not "if", it is "when". Be a part of the smart window industry revolution - work with Miru to bring big shifts in the window industry.


We are passionate about connecting people and partners to create innovative solutions. We understand the importance of collaboration, so we work closely with glass fabricators, installers and others to enable faster implementation of the latest electrochromic technology.

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