Partner with Miru

Miru spent years tailoring the Miru manufacturing process and licensing model to operate within existing fenestration manufacturing channels. We made a sophisticated semiconductor technology simple to manufacture, distribute, and use for the windows industry. We therefore work closely with glass fabricators, installers and builders to enable the hassle-free deployment of electrochromic windows.

Window Manufacturers

We work with glass and window manufacturers and fabricators to ensure that Miru technology fits seamlessly into existing plants. The Miru manufacturing process fits into existing glass plants, enabling Miru eWindows to be produced closer to the customer. The result is a smart window product with less than half the embedded carbon as the incumbents.

Building Designers

We work with architects, envelope consultants, and sustainability consultants to ensure Miru’s smart window specifications serve a wide variety of applications in every country and every climate. Miru smart windows are colour neutral, switch uniformly, and increase building energy efficiency by 20%.

Building Wiring and Automation

Miru partners with specialists in smart building wiring and automation so that control of Miru smart windows integrates with common building wiring and automation systems. This helps improve building energy efficiency and the customer experience.


We work with glass partners that manufacture windows and sunroofs for the automotive, marine, aeronautical, and heavy equipment industries. Miru windows improve safety, occupant comfort, and increase battery range of electric vehicles.

We serve the residential, commercial and transportation markets.