From your smartphone, control Miru’s tinted glass and optimize the natural light in your home to keep cool, manage glare, control your privacy, increase security, and lower your energy usage.


Ordinary windows increase your energy use and require blinds that block your view. Far beyond an ordinary window, Miru Sky is a next generation smart window.


Miru Arc smart glass gives you control of the amount of light entering your vehicle to optimize for comfort and to expand your view.

Energy efficient smart windows for multiple applications

Miru Sky

Miru Sky is a high-performance electrochromic glass that offers excellent solar control and energy efficiency. It is ideal for use in large-scale commercial buildings, such as office towers, hotels, and hospitals, where energy costs are a major concern. Miru Sky can help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the amount of air conditioning or heating needed to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

Miru Arc

Miru Arc is a versatile electrochromic glass that is perfect for use in the automotive industry. It can be provided on curved surfaces and offers both solar control and some privacy, making it ideal for use in cars, buses, trucks, and railway cars. With Miru Arc, you can enjoy natural light and manage glare and energy efficiency. In fact, Miru Arc has been proven to extend electronic vehicle (EV) driving range by over 10%.

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