Expand your view: Electrochromic windows and dynamic glass trends in 2023

Electrochromic windows are expanding our view. This past year has seen electrochromic windows (“eWindows”) gain traction as energy codes, increased regulations and incentives drive more builders to adopt these energy efficient windows. And as electric vehicles (“EVs”) become more prevalent to help address climate change, so too is using dynamic glass for EVs and other automobiles.

We’ve compiled some of the more noteworthy eWindows and dynamic glass updates, trends and news articles that we’ve seen in 2023.

In the media

Forbes, CBS News and more covered eWindows and highlighted the important role the technology plays in reducing building energy use and carbon emissions. Smart glass and energy-efficient windows also trended at the largest trade shows in glass and consumer electronics throughout the year.

New buildings 

Architects and developers are increasingly driven to minimize the energy and carbon impact of their buildings. In 2023, airports, universities, offices, commercial spaces, and hotels globally incorporated eWindows into their architectural innovations and created dynamic façades that are environmentally conscious. These buildings married functionality and aesthetics by using eWindows like Miru’s to optimize daylight and improve building energy efficiency by 20%. 

The CURV 60-storey residential tower in Vancouver will be the world’s tallest Passive House. Image from: https://thecurv.ca/


Universities, think tanks and hospitals

Offices, commercial space  and hotels

New cars 

Dynamic sunroofs also made significant strides in the automotive industry. In 2023, we saw an increasing number of vehicles incorporating dynamic glass into sunroof panels, windows, and mirrors. Carmakers are taking advantage of the technology’s ability to control tint, reduce glare and optimize comfort.

McLaren’s new supercar, the 750S, has optional electrochromic glass added to the car’s retractable hardtop. Image from: www.zigwheels.my

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