Miru Surpasses Critical Milestone in Durability Testing

Next Generation eWindows Prove Resilient to Thermal and Solar Stresses

VANCOUVER, BC, August 31, 2023 – Miru Smart Technologies, a developer of next generation electrochromic windows (eWindows) achieved a critical testing milestone that proves the technology’s resilience to thermal and solar stresses.

Miru eWindow samples have surpassed 150,000 cycles under ambient conditions and 50,000 cycles under aggressive sun and heat testing conditions. Miru’s eWindow samples showed no degradation throughout the rigorous testing cycle. Miru’s patented electrode formulation and manufacturing process showed resilience to thermal and solar stresses—validating Miru’s system design and setting the stage for Miru to move to the commercialization phase of its manufacturing process.

The 50,000 cycle test is an accelerated version of ASTM E2141 testing conditions, with 1 Sun irradiance at 85°C and an extreme accelerated cycle time of one minute. The ASTM E2141 test is the industry standard for materials, products, systems, and services for electrochromic windows. To reach 50,000 cycles is considered to meet 50 years of operation for electrochromic windows in buildings.

“Through this intense testing, Miru has validated our eWindow technology and confirmed our key materials, system and manufacturing design considerations” said Curtis Berlinguette, Founder and CEO, Miru Smart Technologies. “This significant achievement demonstrates the reliability and durability of Miru’s technology, and underscores our commitment to delivering innovative and high-performance window solutions.”

About Miru

Miru is developing next generation eWindow solutions for the residential, commercial and automotive markets. Miru is disrupting how eWindows are produced and distributed, with a patented process that lowers costs, improves performance and significantly reduces carbon emissions—enhancing the well-being of people and our planet. Miru imagines a world where windows expand your view and keep you connected to your community and the world around you. Miru’s growth has been significantly aided by the support of the National Research Council, the BC Innovative Clean Energy (BC ICE) Fund, and the Canadian Sustainable Development Technology Fund (SDTC). Learn more at mirucorp.com.

Miru Media Contact:

Megan Verchere
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