Miru Smart Technologies Welcomes Lesel Radage as VP, Product

Miru Smart Technologies (Miru), a developer of next-generation electrochromic windows (eWindows), today announced that Lesel Radage has joined the company as VP, Product. In this key position on the Miru Leadership Team, Lesel will oversee development and implementation of Miru’s smart window manufacturing process and integration of Miru’s eWindows into building construction and operations.

“Lesel’s decades of experience in product and technology combined with her leadership in building construction and manufacturing are exactly the right mix to help lead Miru’s Product team as we continue to push forward with commercializing our Miru eWindows,” said Curtis Berlinguette, Founder and CEO, Miru Smart Technologies. “Lesel consulted with us for the last few months and I’m thrilled to have her officially join the Leadership Team full time and help us deliver on our mission of enhancing the well-being of people and our planet.”

Lesel brings more than 25 years experience overseeing product development and operations for leading global organizations and managing design and construction of capital projects including a $500 million capital infrastructure project at Vancouver International Airport. She has leveraged her expertise in both engineering and project management to found and lead several technology companies where she oversaw operations and product development.

“Miru is transforming the way smart windows are manufactured and brought to market, and I can’t wait to apply my design and construction experience to ensure Miru eWindows integrate as simply and seamlessly as possible within the existing window manufacturing, design, and construction processes,” says Lesel Radage. “The Miru team moves fast and so does our industry. I’ll be laser focused on ensuring that our energy saving technology is easy to implement so Miru can enable fast adoption, helping to save on heating costs and reduce building envelope-related carbon emissions.”